1. I have a loved one who is looking for information on having his felony expunged. He is currently serving a two-year term for I believe it’s criminal negligence with a firearm. We are trying to locate information on how and if it can be expunged or dropped to a misdemeanor.

2. I committed one crime in my life and was convicted of a felony for embezzlement. I served one week in jail and was ordered to pay a $86K restitution. I have been on probation for 3 years now. Do I have a chance to expunge my felony charge?

3. I was convicted of filing a false police report over 12 years ago. I want to get this expunged. Is this costly and does it permanently remove this from my record?

4. I was arrested (illegally) in Long Beach, CA in July of 1967 for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. Because my basic civil rights were violated, the charges were dismissed at my arraignment. I will be applying for a governmental job soon and do not wish to put this arrest on my job application. Do I need to have this arrest expunged?

5. I was told by the state of New Mexico that the president is the only one who can expunge a federal offense. Is this true?