Insectual Healing: A Study of Insect Exoskeletal Recovery Processes

Textual Healing: A Comparison of Early and Late Drafts of Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”

Sectual Healing: Psychological Stress among Surviving Branch Davidians after the Waco Fire

Contextual Healing: Variations of the Stroop Effect in Different Color Backgrounds and Lighting

Sexual Ceiling: Themes of Sexuality on the Sistine Chapel

Sic-tual Healing: An Analysis of the Use of “Sic” in the Restoration of Nineteenth-Century British Government Documents

Ineffectual Healing: A History of the Medical Use of Leeches

Sectional Healing: The Use of Integrals in Creating Euclidean Polygons from Non-Euclidean Polygon Fragments

Saxual Healing: A Case Study of the Oral Fixations of William Jefferson Clinton

Subtextual Healing: An Examination of Socrates’s “Ascent Passage” in Plato’s Symposium

Correctional Healing: A Closer Look at the Advancements of Modern-Day Optometry

Convectional Healing: Current Theories on Current Theories

Factual Healing: Journalistic Ramifications of the Case against Jayson Blair

Asexual Healing: The Effects of Marriage on the British Royal Family

Syntaxual Healing: The Controversy over Biblical Hebrew

Saxonal Healing: A Synergistic Overview of the Catholic Conquest of Germanic Tribes and the Rise of Western Civilization