Mike DeMaria, 52, high school Earth Science teacher, enjoys mole tofu tacos, has an African drum workshop in his garage

Jeffrey Bloom, 43, psychologist, hemp oil enthusiast, believes rainsticks are excellent stress relievers

Brian Widdles, 35, insurance agent, Paleo dieter, claim to fame: smoked a J with Wavy Gravy

Andrew Newman, 31, ornithologist, Hackey Sack collector, learning to play the didgeridoo

Ben Paulus, 40, software engineer, has a daughter named Patchouli, keeps a Buddhist shrine in his living room

Greg Murphy, 45, motivational speaker, cleanses colon bimonthly, named his Subaru Peggy-O

Bill Brigden, 30, environmental lawyer, met his wife at a kombucha making class, composts on the reg

Simon Stern, 33, puppeteer, makes his own deodorants, has a dog named Cheech who’s on a raw food diet

Drew Knoll, 28, manager at Denny’s, takes off work for 4/20, his girlfriend is bringing down the patriarchy

Walter Shapp, 63, pediatrician, Life Is Good clothing buff, vacations at a nudist colony