Hi, I’m Jennifer, a recovering personal development addict from San Francisco.

For years, I struggled to develop a sense of self-worth. I never felt like I was reaching my potential.

I looked at my peers, and it seemed like I was the only one not deadlifting 1,000 pounds, making $58,000 in one hour, or invited to Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht party every Saturday night.

I bought course after course.

I spent thousands of dollars on coaches who promised results — but mostly got me an emptier bank account.

Anytime I read sales copy, I couldn’t resist the urge to click the shiny button that said “YES! I want to double my sales / get flatter abs / have kinkier sex!”

Then, I discovered something that completely changed my life.

You would not believe what it is.

It’s something an online Internet marketer or self-help guru would be HORRIFIED to hear I’m sharing.

And it’s so simple. 99% of you will read it, laugh, and continue living a life addicted to self-help articles on Medium and compulsively purchasing the newest psychology book on habit change.

But I’m going to reveal my never-released-before secret — completely free.

Here’s what I discovered:


That’s it.

Just unsubscribe from everything.

Stop reading their content.

Unlike their Pages.

Unsubscribe from their email lists.

Do you know what happens when you don’t buy their course by 11:58 PM tonight?

Or what happens when you don’t join their latest 90-day program to achieve financial freedom?


Absolutely nothing.

The world goes on spinning.

You continue breathing.

Your life doesn’t totally and irrevocably collapse into smithereens.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll look up from your computer and see the sunset and the beauty of the world that exists without you needing to do a single thing to it.

Because the reality is, you DON’T need another book.

You DON’T need another course.

And you DON’T need another coach.

But I know that it can be difficult to live without the emotional fulfillment and sense of purpose that comes from a trusted mentor telling you what to do.

So that’s why I’ve created the Personal Development Addiction Demolisher.

It’s based on my DECADES of experience overcoming personal development addiction.

I’ve tested it on hundreds of students, and they can all attest to its efficacy:

“Before I joined the Addiction Demolisher, I was lost in a personal development black hole. I couldn’t stop clicking, reading, scrolling and buying. After I joined, it’s still tough, but I’m now able to delay my purchases for a few hours, and sometimes I can ignore a new course completely.” — John, 29, Brooklyn

“I made more progress in 3 months with the Addiction Demolisher than I have anywhere else.” — Victoria, 24, San Francisco

“This was the single best investment I’ve ever made. One simple insight reversed years of going in circles.” — James, 28, Seattle

If you join the Personal Development Addiction Demolisher, you’ll learn:

  • The systems I personally use to stop reading email newsletters
  • Why we continue to fall, over and over, for shitty sales copy
  • The number one reason why we spend our lives reading self-help books about how to live life instead of actually living life
  • How to unsubscribe from the most compelling copy in the world — without even lifting a finger

You’ll also get:

  • Access to my ultra-secret, ultra-awesome Facebook community that’s carefully curated to include only the best and brightest action-takers
  • 3 teardown calls per month showing you step-by-step what you need to do if you can’t think for yourself
  • Mentorship from a monk who personally overcame addiction by sitting on top of a mountain for 10 years
  • 4 mastermind weekends on a cruise ship in NYC, where you’ll meet top performers who are also at the forefront of unsubscribing while sipping cocktails at a fancy bar
  • 1 podcast episode per month with entrepreneurs sharing their secrets for avoiding email newsletters (hint: they don’t rely on willpower)

I could sell this for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You won’t find this material anywhere else.

But I’m releasing it for a special one-time offer of $9,997.

The offer expires at midnight tonight. Don’t wait.


Is there also an exclusive, very limited, VIP option that costs 10x more but delivers 100x the value if I just implement even ONE of the insights I get from a laser-focused personal session with you?

For only the best, brightest, and most ambitious, I have a special VIP White Gloves Top Performer Mastermind Accelerator Generator. You’ll get interviews from Olympic gold champions, tech billionaires, and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself sharing the tools they used to become a titan in their industry — and the principles that can be applied to ANY field. If you upgrade for $19,997/month, you’ll get an Unsubscriber Trigger email from me every month checking in and asking you a question that will instantly up level your career. Remember, this content is worth millions, so this is a steal.

This sounds pretty awesome but I was hoping you could offer some type of scholarship. I’m from the Midwest. So, I don’t receive Silicon Valley wages.

BIG announcement!

I’ve decided to select ten people to win this course AND a mastermind dinner with me in NYC, with all travel expenses and accommodations paid for.

All you have to do is give me your email address to be entered to win and agree to be subjected to my ruthless criticism and be put on camera telling the world how life-changing I am.

To get even more entries, share this post to your Facebook and Twitter channels. You’ll get ten entries for each post.

Good luck!

Does this program work if I am a unicorn living near the equator?

Everyone believes that they’re a unicorn living near the equator. This is known as Equator Unicorn Syndrome. But the truth is, people suffering from Equator Unicorn Syndrome are just looking for reasons not to join my course. Don’t be the Equator Unicorn.