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There will always be babies and babies will always need hats. Your baby can’t leave the hospital without a hat. That would be crazy. And then there’s a bris hat. Daycare hat, shopping hat, beach hat, pool hat, museum hat, party hat… Seriously, there’s no limit to the number of hats a baby might need. But baby styling in general is insanely difficult; it might be the most impenetrable career field. I’ve been an aspiring baby hat stylist for the last four years and it’s damn hard. Fancy babies in fancy hats are the best. My dream is to work with celebrity babies, but it’s such a competitive market. I’m thinking the key to success is to have baby hats on me at all times because I never know when I’ll meet an attractive baby who needs a hat. When I’m out somewhere and see some babies, I walk right up to them and give them my card. Sometimes their parents aren’t too into it. Sometimes they think we’re filming a reality show and I go with that too. What do you do when a client spits up in your hatbox? That’s a serious question. It’s happened six times and I still have no idea what to do.