“If you had to work more than one job to have a roof over your head or food on the table, you probably shouldn’t have taken the job that’s not paying you enough. That’d be a you problem.” — Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro

- - -

To the surprise of no one, the leftist-controlled media is doing its best to frame me, along with the rest of the Republican Party, in the worst light possible. Once again, the Twitterverse has misinterpreted a comment of mine in which I explained the entire Republican doctrine word-for-word. Instead of taking context into consideration — what a novel idea! — these disingenuous liberal hacks are repeating what I said verbatim in an attempt to demonstrate to others that my entire belief system is fundamentally toxic. Is this what liberalism has come to?

Time and time again, I go on unhinged tirades about how poor people deserve to be poor because they’re bad at life, and the biased media is right there ready to pounce. They’ll play a clip of me describing evidently inhumane conservative values that I happen to endorse and then have the audacity to frame my words in a way that represents exactly what I said with perfect accuracy. It’s ridiculous!

The biased media’s goal, of course, is to convince everyday Americans that conservatives like myself are evil. No, I don’t hate poor people. There is no place for hate in my value system, which also happens to place zero value on the lives of people who have no money. And I hate them for that. This isn’t that complicated.

Yet we see this cycle repeat itself time-and-time again. These liberal goons will put on their dog-and-pony show about how conservative policies prioritize giving as much money as possible to the obscenely wealthy, which directly results in income inequality and, inevitably, human suffering. This is what we call a false equivalence. Yes, we are indifferent to human suffering. That doesn’t mean we hate human beings.

For instance, I have a family. If I hated humans, I would be forced to give up my family. And if they were suffering, I would simply tell them to stop suffering. Just like I would tell any American who is “suffering” that they have the choice to stop suffering because we live in a free market that allows them to do so. Had my words not been taken completely out of context, you would have witnessed my desperate attempts to connect these dots in real time. But does that fit the media’s narrative?

Look, does capitalism rely on the fairytale notion that ultra-rich, self-serving billionaire pigs will voluntarily share their wealth to prevent rampant income inequality? Sure, and the opportunity for all Americans to become that greedy, disgusting swine is why the system works. But you won’t hear the leftist Twitter brigade share that part. And if they do, it’s also out of context, because I, along with a coterie of super-wealthy donors from various planet-destroying industries have heavily invested in gaslighting regular Americans into thinking this system is good.

Sadly, tomorrow will be no different. When we openly deny climate science, the media will be there to portray us as climate science-deniers. When we propose sexist and racist policies that make life less tolerable for women and minorities, they will scream “SEXISM” and “RACISM”! Perhaps we’ll be quoted spewing out wildly stupid and indefensible arguments that can be debunked if you put a modicum of thought into them. Like, even just a few seconds of critical reasoning into why so many Americans might not choose to have low-paying jobs and why class inequality has remained stagnant for so many decades. And then they’ll have the audacity to say we endorse these ridiculous thoughts, which, as everyone with a brain knows, are our core values?