Here’s the thing: I saw this crazy headline on the sidebar while I was lost deep in an Internet rabbit hole reading about Hope Hicks’ modeling career. No, I didn’t actually read the article, but the headline told me all I needed to know about this issue that apparently no one knows anything about, and now I’m super worked up. I also saw a picture in the article that really invoked what the headline was carefully curated by media masterminds to invoke in me.

I’m so full of emotion that I immediately shared it on Facebook AND Twitter, and I told all my followers exactly how to feel too. I also took a minute to copy and paste a random line from the article along with my posts so that everyone would know exactly why I was so full of feelings and then feel the same feelings from reading this one line too. I just want everyone to know that I’m super politically and culturally engaged, and by sharing this article, everyone will know that I am Smart with a capital S. Then, because I care so much, after reading this headline about a subject that I’d never previously given any thought to, I told everyone that we have to DO something. Like, don’t just sit there scrolling social media looking at clickbait headlines — you have to take ACTION. You have to SHARE the clickbait headlines because the more we share controversial headlines with articles that don’t have any substance from non-reputable outlets, the more we can foster meaningful debate, and THAT is what our democracy is founded on.

It’s like, come on, people — we don’t have time for bullshit. We can’t continue to let atrocities (like the one described in this article that I didn’t actually read, so I’m not sure if it’s that bad or even real) happen while we simply stand by. We need to share our poorly formed passionate opinions and scream them into our digital echo chambers as much as possible! Just imagine, if everyone did their part to tell everyone they know who has the same opinions as them about just ONE headline they read without any details from the story, we would all be such informed citizens. We could all jump to so many conclusions together and ask ourselves how we got here, and then we could demand CHANGE, and then forget about it all the next day! It’s so easy; you don’t even have to learn to think critically.

Now, if you could just share or retweet what I just posted, I need to go and find another grabby headline that fits my worldview to get worked up over.