Dear President Bannon,

As an artist and entertainer who so appreciates creativity and storytelling — particularly fantastical fiction — I just want to thank you so much for helping to bring back vaudevillian traditions to our modern age. While it’s always been clear to me that you wanted to take America backwards again, I had no idea you’d be leading the charge as a puppet master! You’re bringing back a dying art form. Genius. Absolutely genius. I’m amazed everyday by how far you’re able to get one hand up Trump’s ass, while making shadow puppets dance on the wall to keep him from reading anything you put on his desk. You’re a true talent. Perhaps great enough to take the whole country down with you, in the burning flames of impending doom that you also manage to light each day with your dangerous and racist and greedy rhetoric. Quite a triple threat you are!

Keep up the show. We are all watching.

Sophia Bush

- - -

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