The Jeff Sessions Blue Note recordings, made over the course of several decades and now considered the definitive soundtrack of institutional racism, are unique among jazz records in their underlying anti-marijuana philosophy and their complete lack of African-American input. What follows is a complete discography.

[All compositions by Jeff Sessions unless otherwise noted.]


Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III – piano, vocals
Stephen “The Killer” Miller – trumpet
Mike Flynn – trombone
Steve “Boom Boom” Bannon – bass
Spaghetti Arms Giuliani – drums
Mikey “Sizzle Lips” Pence – tenor saxophone
David Duke (aka “The Wiz”) – alto saxophone
D.J. Trump – golf, Twitter
Anonymous Campaign Donor – vibraphone
Sergey Kislyak – undercover audio engineer

Session 1
April 1959

“You Got Any Idea Who My Daddy Is?”
“Selma’s Goin’ to Hell”
“Your Side of Town"
“Shoe Shine (Be Happy With What I Gave Ya)”
“What Are You Lookin’ At, Boy?”

Session 2
May 1967

“The Devil’s Lettuce (No Thank You)”
“Puff Puff PASS”
“I’m Calling the Sheriff”
“Little Richard Scares Me”

Session 3
November 1985

“The KKK is OKKK By Me (Minus the Reefer)”
“Zulu Nation Infestation”
“Know Your Place”
“I’m In the Mood for Segregation”

Session 4
August 1999

“Mind Yo Bidness, Coretta”
“Suppression Impressions”
“You People”
“A Nice Cold Soda (Lettin’ Loose)”
“So Long, Sodomites”
“Watermelon Man is Weird/Herbie Hancock Diss”

Session 5
February 2017

“Make America Groovy Again”
“A Border Wall Around My Heart”
“Al Franken is an Annoying Jew” (S. Bannon)
“Sanctuary Cities (SAD!)”
“Extreme Vettin’”
“Let’s Reinstate The Failed Policies of the War On Drugs Just 4 Kix”
“Recusal Bamboozle”

Session 6: June 2017

“I’m In”
“I Hope This Works”
“It’s Working!”
“Something’s Not Right”
“This Doesn’t Seem Like It’s Working Anymore”
“You Said This Would Work”
“Oh Shit”