Welcome to the impromptu start of my non-fungible token (NFT) career. I’m so happy you’re here to witness the first steps of what I hope to be a very prosperous journey in NFT creation. As you read a few lines above, in the title, I’m selling the very sentence you’re reading right now as an NFT.

And I don’t just mean the title of this piece. Nor do I mean the last sentence at the end of that first paragraph. I mean every fucking sentence you read in this extremely important piece of art you see before you.

Wild and bold? Yes, absolutely. A Genius idea? You bet your ass it is.

That last paragraph alone had four NFTs in it. Each sentence is an NFT, just to clarify, because as far as anyone understands, the more NFTs you make, the more money you make. Look out, Elon Musk, there’s a new NFT-Daddy in town!

You might be wondering, “Why are his paragraphs so short?”

Well, to put it to you simply, you have to diversify your NFT portfolio.

When you’ve been in the NFT game as long as I have, you understand that variety is everything. I’ve created 14 NFTs up to this sentence already!

If you keep selling the same kind of object as an NFT, buyers will get bored with you and move on to bigger and better non-fungibles. That’s why I’m happy to announce that in addition to the sentences I’m selling, I’m now introducing single-paragraph NFTs. Is your mind blown into a million teeny tiny little NFTs of its own or what?

Now I know these sentence and innovative paragraph NFTs may be getting stale for some of you. Do we really need NFTs as large and grandiose as a paragraph or sentence constructed of multiple words? I don’t think so.

That’s why I’m about to break them up. The. More. I. Break. A. Part. Sentences. The. More. I. Reign. Supreme. In. The. Non. Fungible. Token. Game.

I might’ve gone overboard with that last cluster of 18 mini-NFTs, and I apologize for that.

I don’t actually feel sorry at all, but I’ve got a feeling the NFT of that apology will sell for even more than the previous NFTs I’ve released in this one article.

Some of you might think I’m being greedy, cynical, or call what I’m doing “a lazy way to make money,” and I would thank you for helping me create this NFT out of your own words.

Or maybe you like what I’m doing and have some questions on how to become an NFT magnate like myself. It’s simple, if you can answer these questions correctly then you’re ready to become an NFT mogul:

  • What are NFTs?
  • Do I understand exactly what they are?
  • Is it dumb that anything can be an NFT?

If you answered “it doesn’t matter,” then I’ve got great news: you’re ready for the NFT game, baby!

Now that I have your attention, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the reveal of my greatest NFT

This WHOLE DAMN ESSAY. The title, the paragraphs, the sentences, the words, the syllables, the letters, the punctuation, the pixels on the screen, the binary code hidden underneath it, the electrical signals enabling you to view this, the atoms and particles that make up this device you’re using to read it. All of those individual NFTs are encompassed in the Omega NFT I’m calling, “’I’m Selling the Very Sentence You’re Reading Right Now as a Non-Fungible Token’ By Michael Leonetti.”

And it can all be yours for thirty bucks. Or we can trade for a token of similar fungibility. If I’ve learned anything in the NFT-biz, it’s that NFTs are pretty interchangeable.