Stop playing old-time rock and roll.

Try to take him to a disco. (see also: “tango, go to hear them play a…”)

Fail to stifle a yawn when he reminisces about the days of old.

Leap into the room and shout, “Who wants to go to Fire Lake!”

Instigate a debate about alternative energy sources and obstinately come out against the wind.

Subtly remind Bob Seger that Betty Lou’s gettin’ out tonight.

Tell Bob Seger that he’s still the same, but in a tone that’s not necessarily a compliment.

Call Bob Seger “a relic,” call him what you will.

Continue playing rock and roll that is not old-time but nonetheless recognized as a classic of the genre.

Start humming a tune from 1962.

Suggestively tell Bob Seger that you know it’s late, you know he’s weary, you know his plans don’t include you…

Just take those old records off the shelf. (see also: “old records, proper storage of”)

Whip out the sax.

Night moves.