Her nurse’s hat

Class ring from nursing school

Old grammar school report cards, usually all A’s

Photo of grandma, in Capri pants in the 1950s.

Photo of my dad, aunt, and grandparents dressed up and gathered around the piano, in 1951.

Lock of baby hair from my aunt, now sixty-years-old.

Old beaded evening bags in almost perfect condition.

One spoon ring.

Miniature paintings of flowers and farm scenes nobody knew my grandmother had made.

An old sketchbook with a drawing of Barbara Bush.

Grandfather’s 1934 college yearbook noting his nickname to be “the handsome Swede.” (We’re Italian.)

Copy of dad’s Ph.D. dissertation.

Three rectangular-block-shaped wooden Santa Clauses.

Framed photographs of nuns who were friends of the family.

Copy of Rubber World magazine with an article by Great Uncle Joe, a chemist who worked on sealants for the Alaskan pipeline.

Great Uncle Joe’s homemade crossword puzzles.

Great Uncle Joe’s day planner from 1993 which includes accounts of the weekly card games he played, what he wore when he went to the symphony, where he went to dinner and who paid.

Invitation to Agresti family Christmas party, in 1992.

Notes by Great Uncle Jim to be read in lieu of a eulogy at his funeral twenty years ago.

A doily in an envelope marked “to be framed.”

An embroidered pillow case cover my grandmother never put a pillow in because she wasn’t pleased with how it turned out.

Photos from the 1920s and 1930s of weddings of family members nobody knows anymore.

Empty envelopes marked “Important — Keep!”