(Six) Militant Anarcho-Punks need shelter in N.Y.C.

We’re a group of (7) militant(s) from Québec City…

(Group of 50) students looking for floor space…

(15) Boston activists looking for a somewhat large space where we can all be housed together.

…we would… like to know if we could get a chunk of floor space somewhere to sleep on, for about 100 people (2 buses).

Coming with (50) people from Ithaca and would like to stay together if possible

I am coming from Cleveland and am in my sixth month of my pregnancy and so comfort would be much appreciated…

We are a group from Madison, WI bringing up to 30 people to NYC…. Keeping the group as together as possible is a priority.

I’m flying into long island, NY on Jan.18 for the Intergalatic Anarchist Convention….

I am a teacher-artist-anti-capitalist-anti-statist…

I read a lot of books…


- - -


I have a floor in brooklyn 30 minutes from new york that one nice clean, respectful, non-violent activist can crash on if they desire to.

i have floor space, a sofa, and a spare mattress for 4-5 respectful… i mean respectful… people to stay at my loft in Greenpoint.

The view from my window is surreal, my Brothers and Sisters….

I can host one queer person in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

…must be willing to tolerate/enjoy (poorly scheduled) birthday party on 2/1.

…I would really prefer young queer students.

…you’ll have to plan not to be coming and going after midnight.

…noise would have to be kept to a minimum.

I prefer non-smokers, either gender, neat, clean, fun-loving, & considerate people.

…nonsmokers only

Only very responsible & cat-loving people (no allergies).

We can provide beds and comfortable bath facilities for four women who are nonsmokers and cat-friendly.

…non tobacco smokers only; I have 2 cats, so allergic folks beware.

I leave at 8 a.m. for work so the party ends quite early at the ol’ homestead, and I have a cat.

…my house is not the state — don’t smash it.

…we will keep hope alive.

…would prefer that you not smell too bad.