Occam’s Disposable Razors

Meinong’s Unicorn (deed of ownership only)

Beetle in a Box (beetle is only visible to us, but we promise it’s there)

Neurathian Bootstrap (sold as is)

Abyss-Gazing Glasses

Owl of Minerva Pellets (only for sale after midnight)

Square Circles

Pin The Name on The Tao Party Game

“I Can’t Believe it’s Not Water!” (bottled on twin earth)

Model Ship of Theseus (some parts missing)

Brain Vats

A Priori Essential Oil

Powdered Pineal Gland

Assorted Monads

Instant Epokhe

Black Swan Feathers (good for rare occasions)

Intellectual Intuitions

Cartesian Candles (made of 100% bee’s wax, emits lumen naturale)

Qualia Variety Pack

Tincture Of Nothingness

How to be a Bat, and Other Familiars Guidebook

Extract of Noumenon

“Be Sure to Visit Our Chinese Room While You’re Here!”

Logos (already gathered, but not unfurled)

Hypokeimenon Starter Kit

Form of a Table (made from 100% tableness)

The Kierkegaarden Grow Kit (to cultivate your herbal garden)

Atlas of All Possible Worlds

Leviathins Diet Snacks

Berkeley’s Surveillance Cameras (so things don’t disappear when you’re not looking)

Some Kind of Crystals and Shit