“The 2021 Golden Globes nominations were announced Wednesday morning. And among the biggest surprises was that Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ was nominated not once, but twice.” — Insider, 2/3/21

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Let’s start with the facts: COVID is a hoax; Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton; and Emily in Paris deserves a Golden Globe nomination.

Did you see the Facebook post I shared that Netflix is actually run by Addison Rae super fans who want Olivia Rodrigo to rewrite the American National Anthem? Without a healthy counter-culture, who will stop our youth from deconstructing the oppressive norms our forefathers indoctrinated into our country’s founding documents? Thankfully, a true media masterpiece emerged in 2020 to fight the far-left agenda of equality.

Emily in Paris is the single best biographical series of our time. Not since Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Pepsi commercial have we seen such an accurate depiction of history starring a truly prodigal actress. The public’s visceral emotional response is representative of how truly profound these period pieces were when released. The relatability, the authenticity, the caucacity… chef’s kiss!

I first learned about Emily In Paris from Ivanka Trump’s Twitter feed. It’s the second-best recommendation I received from our First Lady. The top being Goya products. I haven’t had a bowel movement since. I now have a lifetime supply of canned beans that I keep in my underground bunker in the event that the gays militarize under Lady Gaga’s agenda of mandatory statement sleeves and face glitter. It’s media like Emily in Paris that gives me hope of a new world order. Instead of globalism, we focus on what matters: being American, white heteronormativity, and defining our self-worth through social media validation.

Sure, it has its critics. My colleague said Emily in Paris had as much taste as someone symptomatic of COVID. My mom called it the “intellectual equivalent of putting your head in a microwave.” I disagree completely. As someone who thinks for herself, I blindly believe the idyllic utopia featured in Emily in Paris, where realistic and diverse beauty standards are reinforced, like being white, skinny, and rich. The character development is unparalleled, especially among the protagonist, whose primary personality trait is wearing Chanel.

The progressive left keeps advocating for programs that dealt with topics like racism, sexism, and classism — topics neither I nor the Hollywood Foreign Press value. For me, the show provides a fun distraction while waiting for messages from Q. After all, the only narrative more believable than QAnon is Emily in Paris. It’s also great to binge-watch with your girlfriends. My best friend, Mellisa Carone, and I watched the whole season in one night, and she made the astute point that everyone who disagreed with Emily was anti-American and guilty of fraud. The show is a practical and pragmatic antidote to a time riddled with myths perpetuated by science and facts.

Emily in Paris also serves as inspiration for movements to come. For example, I originally coined “Stop the Steal” after Camille came in between Emily and Gabrielle’s romance. It’s the only show rooted in a reality that doesn’t question my value system that I appropriated directly from Tucker Carlson.

Now, please share this article I posted from the website Patriots4U.com about Bill Gates’ plan to microchip us all.