With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg.

- - -


I saw the dullest minds of my generation destroyed by hashtags, stupid gullible red-capped,

scrolling mindlessly through the 4chan boards at dawn looking for breadcrumb droppings,

jacked methheads jonesing for deep state conspiracy links to Hillary and Lisa Page and the dumbfuckery of Pizzagate,

who ignorant and hate-filled and AR15-toting rose up stupid in Tea Party grievances of White Supremacy floating under the guise of small government,

who emptied their wallets to Christ and saw Jerry Falwell Jr. unzipping his pants on luxury yachts inebriated,

who cheered on caged children with cruel “lol own the libs” eyes hallucinating Alex Jones and Chachi has-beens among the Karens of suburbia,

whose falsehoods were amplified on Facebook for clicks pushing divisive deza on the fragile psyche of our broken nation,

who believed a Trust-The-Plan Storm-Is-Coming Red-Pill Elder-Zion-Protocol Great-Awakening delusion idolizing a second rate Jim Jones false messiah daughter-craving reality TV Studio 54 has been,

yackety-yakking screaming ranting about Save-the-Children child trafficking rings while blindly trusting Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach pal Donald,

who worshiped a cowering bone spurs snake oil-selling casino-bankrupting wife-cheating shyster,

who ate taco bowls in coastal elite towers or drank bleach in Mar-a-Lago or bragged his “sir” stories of gibberish,

whose gold toilet throne of staggering crassness was aspirational,

who slurred and spewed hatred and vomited 20,000 lies from an over-bronzed mouth hole of ratings and caravans and Antifa and people in the dark shadows controlling the streets and black-uniformed thugs on airplanes and Obamagate and big bags of soup,

who let 190,000 die because masks are for cucks, shrugging at a deadly virus to show “strength” while they gasped their last breath

who praised basement-dwelling militia of incels shooting paintball guns off flatbed trucks out of Dixie murdering protesters,

to restore the systems of hierarchy and drag his foot before you shameless, stoking fears to assuage white guilt and console endless boundless male fragility,

and descended repugnant in the hotel escalator of chintz and paid you fifty dollars to cheer America’s racist subconscious baked into a ‘Why Do China and Mexico and Iraq Have a Better Brand and Rip Us Off and We Suck So Hard?’ victim cry that ego stroked the simpletons down to the last deplorable,

with the last of their ability to think extirpated out of their own bodies doomed to rot four and very possibly eight years.


What idiocy of vacuousness and artifice mushed their brains like a can of Goya beans?

Trump! Trump! Empty, feral, corrupt, teargas-bible-toting, status-striving, pussy-grabbing, money-deifying, whose heart is a shithole country!

Trump whose word is worthless and hollow! Trump whose mind is thick and rotting! Trump whose soul is on sale to the highest bidder!

WWG1WGA! Covfefe! Bullshit!


Dummies! Get out of Trumpland

where you’re crazier than a road lizard

where you scream about socialists while getting grifted by a billionaire administration

where a wall unpaid for by Mexico will never redeem your lost dignity or revive sham American greatness but it will cover the cost of Steve Bannon’s yacht

where you threaten Dr. Fauci and harass Chrissy Teigen on Twitter and malign Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks!) and plot the race war against enemies in your head while Russian troll farms play you like a cheap Trump brand fiddle

where you hug and kiss and grope the flag as if it were sentient and value humans as if they were Trump university degrees

where we woke 11/9 crushed by our own heartlessness above the fruited plain

in my dreams you wake up sober from your venom stupor and walk compassionate on the road across America to freedom and sanity and the humane choice waiting on the ballot