“Ivanka Trump, in her mother’s new memoir, said she once had a “punk phase” in the nineties.” — The Hill, 10/17/17

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Ivanka Trump’s
Favorite Punk Songs
by Bob Vulvov

“Complicit Bop”

“I Wanna Be Colluded”

“I Bent the Law”

“Should I Stay and Continue Doing Nothing In the Face of All This Madness or Should I Go Now”

“Ivanka Trump Jewelry Über Alles”

“Aliens Exist and They Will No Longer Be Covered Under DACA

“Holiday in Cambodia to Check On The Horrible Sweatshop That Produces My Shoe Brand”

“Nazi Punks Let’s Hear You Out”

“London Stalling On My Pledge to Help the LGBTQ Community”

“Kill the Poor”

“Blister In the Increasingly Hot Sun Because I Haven’t Done Shit About My Dad’s Climate Change Denial”

“White Riot On Which I Won’t Comment”

“Boulevard of Broken Promises to Be a Moderating Force”

“All the Small White Collar Felony Charges I’ve Avoided”

“Search and Destroy and Falsely Claim That My Father Is an Advocate for Women”

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Highlights of
Ivanka Trump’s
Punk Phase
by Erica X Eisen

Carving I LOVE THE SEX PISTOLS into the bathroom wall at Per Se.

Dropping out of straight-laced Phillips Academy to attend artsy, alternative Phillips Exeter Academy.

Purchasing a majority shareholder position in Hot Topic.

Carving I LOVE THE SEX PISTOLS into the bathroom wall at Le Cirque.

Successfully managing the acquisition of her zine by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp following a third successful print run.

Watching a group of teenagers burn a US flag and going, “Wow. Yeah.”

Designing an affordable yet fashion-forward cropped leather jacket available in a range of sizes at several major online retailers.

Knowing someone who knew someone who saw a Derek Jarman film.

Carving I LOVE THE BUZZCOCKS into the bathroom wall at Per Se.