The Hand that Rocks the Dreidel
Nick and Menorah’s Infinite Playlist
Good Berger
Notting Hillel
Aaron Brockovich
I Never Promised You a Rosengarden
Shalom Alone
I Know What You Yid Last Summer
We Bought a Jew
Cape Shmear
Bris the Girls
Riding in Cars with Goys
Seders of the Lost Ark
Semite Pro
The Hillels Have Eyes
Throw Matzah From the Train
L’Chaim Legend
Oceans Unleavened
Bull Purim
The Fasting and the Furious
Challah-bout Eve
Exile Through the Gift Shop
The Zion King
Circum-Size Me
Heebs Just Not That Into You
Cheaper by the Dozen
The Mensch Warmers