The Little Mermaid

Prince Eric aspires to transform his feet into fins after rising sea levels, triggered by human-induced climate change, threaten to drown his kingdom.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

John Rambo testifies before Congress on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs and secures federal monies for improved treatments of PTSD.

Sixteen Candles

Set in provincial China, our teenage heroine contends with a difficult birthday; elsewhere, an American exchange student (named after a Mandarin obscenity) fulfills buffoonish stereotypes.

Teen Wolf

A young woman gains unstoppable basketball powers after menstruating on a full moon.

Teen Witch

A young man discovers the music of Stevie Nicks.


Feckless, self-deputized youngsters waste the best years of their lives hanging around all-gender restrooms, trying to peep on the users’ birth certificates.

A Christmas Story

After witnessing a series of mass shootings on television, Ralphie’s only Christmas wish is an end to gun violence.

A View to a Kill

A globe-trotting James Bond seeks to undo the damage wrought by MI6’s dirty wars and election-meddling (featuring Grace Jones as James Bond).

Say Anything…

A teenage boy is denied a romantic connection when he fails to adjust his stalker-like behavior.

An American Tail

A cartoon mouse from Mexico is permitted to remain in the United States because he immigrated under the age of 16, has continuously lived in the country for at least five years, and recently obtained his GED.


A Native American family buys a haunted house built on a white person burial ground; later, the family expands the phantoms’ worldviews by reading aloud passages from Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.


A female computer programmer is depicted programming computers.

Ghostbusters 2

Four lady ’busters rescue a ghost-infested Rio de Janeiro by riding around the city on a slime-powered Christ the Redeemer statue while listening to “Come to My Window” on a comically oversized boom box shaped like an XX chromosome.