Job Hunt is a game of chance, although some people think there’s strategy involved.

Recommended for ages 18 to retirement (or most likely death).

The Objective:

Players must not lose too many of their Financial Stability and Optimism points while trying to find a job, any job.

Number Of Players:

You are alone in this. But also, there are thousands of players all competing against you that you never see and can only wildly speculate about. Have they already won? Your mom is asking!

Game Setup:

Place your laptop, headphones, and coffee on the board (a table at your local Starbucks). Job Hunt is an open-ended game that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, so get comfortable!

How To Play:

Each turn starts with the player saying, “I’ve heard the job market is strong right now.” They will then roll the die, move their piece on the board, and fill out 1 online application.

Earn 1 interview for every 34 applications. You’ll gain more Optimism points after each subsequent interview (up to 4). But be careful! All those points can expire after three months of being ghosted by H.R.

Every 10 turns, you must draw a Bitter Resentment card. Watch out! Gain too much Bitter Resentment and you’ll alienate your close friends who have to listen to you whine.

If the player has spent all their Financial Stability and Optimism points before they find a job, they will be forced to move into their childhood bedroom and start a new round. During each turn, the player must now convince their parents that they don’t need to go to law school.

Regardless of outcome, the player should expect to play this game again within the next two years (or one financial crash, whichever comes first).

Board Spaces & Obstacles:

You’ve been trapped in the Networking Net! You have to take a former co-worker out for coffee. They want a muffin, too. Lose 12 Financial Stability points and gain only their pity.

Watch out for the Follow-Up Forest! Lose 3 turns for seeming pushy.

Land on the Haven of False Hope and you must trade a personalized cover letter (worth 40 Optimism points) for an automated response that says, “We’ve reviewed your qualifications and determined you’re not a fit.”

Lost in Ramble Valley! Use the map on your interviewer’s bewildered face to try to make your way back from a twenty-minute soliloquy on your experience at the school paper.

Roll a 10 and you can go outside for just a little bit.

Typo Typhoon! You accidentally wrote, “Thanks you!” to a hiring manager. Lose 25 Optimism points obsessing over it.

Your friend got fired in the Layoff Landslide! Gain 20 Optimism points! It’s mean, but now you have company, which misery loves.

Alumni Avenue! Meet no one who can help you, but leave with a nice mug.

Left behind on Isolated Island. Find out your employed friends went to dinner without you because you’re “too depressing to be around these days.” Lose 1 turn sulking in your apartment because you couldn’t afford the restaurant anyway.

Every time you pass Home, your dad will insist on taking a look at your cover letter because “there must be something wrong with it.” Lose 3 turns and an evening to a lecture about personal responsibility.

Pay a toll at the Economic Down-Turnpike. To continue, read the story in your newsfeed about historic layoffs in your chosen industry. Don’t worry, there’s one for everyone (except coders, they’re not playing this game).

You’ve reached the mouth of Contract Cove. There are no full-time roles here but the company offers you a freelance gig writing for their blog. Lose 300 Financial Stability points waiting for a check that never comes.

Winning The Game:

The winner will not be the player. The winner is the person whose dad knew the most people in consulting.