“Donald Trump has defended himself amid international outrage over (referring to) some African, Central American and Caribbean countries (as shitholes), insisting: ‘I am not a racist. … I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed, that I can tell you.’ … Trump has faced claims of racism throughout his adult life.” — The Guardian 1/14/18

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Look, I know how things might seem. When it comes to being sensitive to Muggles, Lord Voldemort doesn’t have the best track record, and now he’s gone and mobilized an army of 3,000 warlocks, witches, and wizards and instructed them to destroy any and all Muggles they can find. I also acknowledge that he’s drummed up a fair amount of anti-Muggle sentiment throughout the wizarding world, with the way he’s referred to them as “filthy vermin” and “shitheads from shithole lands.” But did it ever occur to you that despite the Dark Lord having vowed that the streets will soon run red with Muggle blood, Voldemort might as well be, like, the least anti-Muggle guy you’ve ever met?

Let me tell you a little something about the Dark Lord: He loves Muggles. Seriously, the guy’s obsessed with them. They’re all he talks about. He can’t get enough of the funny way Muggles are always babbling about things that are completely foreign to wizards like him — things like student debt, and being able to afford healthcare, and not being systematically murdered by people more powerful than them. He’s constantly befuddled by the ways Muggles are always finding themselves in the sorts of situations that someone born a witch or wizard could easily remedy — and, yes, he’s actually prepared to show you scientific evidence backing his claim that laziness is a trait in Muggles, but that’s seriously off-topic and irrelevant to his planned annihilation of Muggles.

Why don’t you spend less time obsessing over his decision to massacre every last living Muggle through magical privileges afforded to him at birth, and more time thinking about the complicated, nuanced decision it must have been for him to deem an entire class of people as better off dead?

In fact, Voldemort’s military strategy — namely, to create a world in which Muggles cease to exist on account of having been murdered by him and his legion of bloodthirsty necromancers — is more rooted in his empathy for Muggles than anything else. For example, did you know that one in three Muggles doesn’t have regular access to food and water? That’s no way to live. Is it not plausible to think that Voldemort wants to flay every last Muggle man, woman and child like an ill-behaved pig not because he’s disgusted by them, but because he cares about them enough to know what’s best for them?

(What’s best for him, by Voldemort’s judgment, is sudden death, but let’s not jump to conclusions about what Voldemort thinks about Muggles based on his words, actions and intentions. We’re not mind readers.)

And, you know what? I’ll take things one step further. If all you hear is a deep-seated hatred of Muggles when Lord Voldemort speaks of Muggles’ innate laziness, shithole societies, and his plans to slaughter them once and for all, maybe you’re the one who secretly hates Muggles. After all, you’re the one who seems obsessed with talking about it over and over and over again, as if you’re stuck in some nightmare that you can’t wake yourself up from.