When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, then sell it—after all, you’ve just gotten free lemons, so aside from the labor and negligible costs associated with the lemonade production, it’s pure profit. Reinvest the money from the lemonade sales in a fledgling lemonade enterprise. Grow your business slowly, adding employees, taking strategic risks, building your brand. Eventually become the king of a multimillion-dollar lemonade empire. Marry a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, sire three children who will grow up amid excessive luxury and develop expensive drug habits and resent you, go through an acrimonious and public divorce, become sick with a terminal illness, and lie on your deathbed in your private hospital room, with no family members or even friends visiting. Reach for a glass of your lemonade and have a sip. Expect that it will now, in an ironic twist, taste sour.

Nope—it’s actually too sweet. You’ve only just noticed, after all these years. Maybe if you’d reduced the sugar levels you would’ve made more money and everything would’ve been better.