February 13, 2017

President Steve Bannon
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Bannon,

We just received a package for your psychiatrist, Dr. Alonson. Don’t be alarmed. It seems Ken is reaching out for some support on your case.

Though Ken had shared your case with us previously (again, no need for alarm, we often speak to each other when one is overwhelmed with a case), we did not grasp the extent of your condition. The admiration of Darth Vader and Satan and their “real power” was troubling, but upon reading your files, the telling remark was "They get it wrong when they are blind to what we are and what we’re doing.”

You feel under appreciated and not “seen.” But Steve, we see you. I believe this to be the root of your fantastic scenarios — the idea that you’re not seen, that we’re “blind to you." All the doomsday, apocalyptic scripts you’ve written, all your effort at Breitbart to rile up the white supremacists, and your insistence on the arrival of a “bloody holy war” all speak of a desire to manufacture chaos from which “only you can save us.”

What you suffer from, Steve, is a “Messiah Complex.” Plain and simple. I know upon reading this that you must feel a great deal of relief to finally know what ails you. I know Ken will, as years of listening to your apocalyptic fantasies had put our dear friend on the edge of a nervous breakdown. You can finally start the healing, Steve. Start feeling the relief from the exhaustion of trying to create the non-existent chaos from which you had hoped you could save the world. Start feeling the relief from all the effort you’d put in, from managing the disastrous Trump campaign to essentially “thinking for two” now that he’s in the White House.

It’s too much, Steve. You can’t do all the work of being the President and not only have the burden of creating the chaos scenario all by yourself, but also not have your own Presidential portrait hung. It’s just too much.

Call my office as soon as possible. We can schedule a time for you to come to our Colorado facility and get the rest you need without the burden of propping Trump up. Who knows, maybe after you’re back on your feet and embrace feeling “seen,” the “world” you save might be YOU, Steve.

Give me a call.
You owe it to yourself.

All the best,
Dr. J.T. Dillon
President, American Psychiatric Society

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