Why inhale boring when you can be breathing in bliss?

Why admit your weaknesses when you can smooth them over and move on?

When in doubt, bust your browns and beiges out.

Just speak of “seaweed,” and you’ll hear boatloads of lauds.

Go a little more for bolds with ruby reds and glowing golds.

New, while nifty and novel, is not always as notable as “known.”

No matter where you place your wager (on vitamin C, plant extracts, enzymes or licorice based lighteners) things will end up all white.

High-intensity papaya packs some deep-pore punch, for a virtual vacuum action on congested complexions.

Renew while you remove.

Go for more slip and less grip (when it comes to giving lip).

Mix lighter lotions into something thicker to boost barrier repair and limit cold weather water loss.

Keep sebaceous levels on the lower side of your “dermometer” with frequent — and furious — treatment.

We suggest that instead of squandering your wits with worry, you should start in on the salvage.

After you’ve lifted you should always separate.

Those who can’t choose can no longer lose.