Author’s Note: My friend Heather Borra O’Donnell died of cancer last month. She was funny. She sometimes submitted lists to McSweeney’s, and would have submitted more. Heather also volunteered as an after-school tutor at 826DC, which has set up a fund in her honor.

- - -

McSweeney’s Lists My Friend Heather Would Have Submitted Had She Beat Cancer.

Bodily Functions George Lucas Will Edit Into Star Wars

Purposeless Items from Repurposed Materials

Nipples You Have Not Yet Seen in Game of Thrones

Fast Food Items Mitt Romney Thinks are Names of Horses

Unlikely Malapropisms from Arnold Schwartzenegger Films

Sexy Things I Say to My iPad

Busking Tips for Former College Newspaper Editors

Olympic Difficulty Scores for Selected Cat Poses

Anatomical Lessons Gleaned from Dissecting Steamed Crabs

Quotes from an Unlicensed Russian Video Game Adaptation of The Big Lewbowski

Bacon Walks into a Bar…

Casting Notes for the Made-for-TV Biopic of My Life

Whimsically Tytled Renaissance Faire Sandwhiches

A Very Extensive Lexicon of Shia LaBeuof Facial Expressions

Educational Hair Band Hits