The Joy of Having To Work All Day So Fuck It Let’s Seamless Indian Food and Eat It In Bed While Watching Netflix

The Joy of It’s Gonna Be Ramen Tonight, Again, Sorry, Because The Majority of Your Paycheck Went Straight to Your Student Loans

The Joy of Creating Bogus Gmails to Sign Up for Free Trials of Recipe Delivery Services

The Joy of Finding Yourself Within a Gluten Allergy

The Joy of Telling Someone You Belong to a Co-op Because You Belong to a Co-op and You’ve Probably Mentioned You Belong to a Co-op But You’re Also Not Sure If It’s Clear You Belong to a Co-op and Did You Mention You Belong to a Co-op?

The Joy of Imagining All The Things You Could Eat If It Weren’t for GMOs

The Joy of Yelping a Lousy Restaurant Into Oblivion

The Joy of Not Cooking and Going Out on the Weekend and Walking Aimless and “Hangry" Around the Neighborhood While Defending Your Choice to Wait for the Digital Waitlist Mobile Alert Notification That Your Table Is Ready, Because Damn It, Karen, You Said It Was FINE!, and It’s the Weekend and Nowhere Else in This Neighborhood is Going to Be Any Less Busy, and We’ve Already Paid For Parking, So?, So Let’s Just Wait, And—God, Karen, Please Don’t Cry, We Can Get Arby’s on The Drive Home, and I Know, I Know, I’m Sorry, I Know That’s Not What You Want, and Of Course I Want It to Be Special Too, But My God, You Always Have to Undermine Every Single Thing I Say!

The Joy of Accepting That Yeah This Meal is OK But It Isn’t Quite As Good as It Looked on Pinterest