The Vanish – by Cathypcute
(Action, Drama, Romance) R
The Vanishing is about Ethel and Ben taking a journey in search of buried treasures and they sail on the ship named The Vanishing in search of the rare treasures.

Don’t Wake Grandma!!!! – by The Scarlet Flame
(Comedy, Horror) R
Bill and Delores find themselves trapped with an entire crack gang within a large Victorian house with no windows. They discover three harmless appearing individuals who turn out to be death dealing demons. Trapped in the house, everyone tries escaping without waking Grandma, the Devil’s very own wife, whom he’s even afraid of.

Dangerous Toys – by Adventurus
(Drama, Romance, Sci-fi) R
Jack the Ripper, a morally misguided doctor, will become Eves most Dangerous Toy when hes transported 500 years into the future to a Space Lab and dark scientific experiment run by Dr. Adam Freud. Adam is out to save mankind by proving mans humanity to the Founder and overcoming his adversary, Killman. For the experiment to succeed and for Jack to return home, Jack must instill values in a passionate and amoral Eve. And Eve must teach Jack forgiveness before they fall in love or kill each other.

Worlds Away – by kathy507
(Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi) G
Worlds away, there resides a young man, a planet and an outlandish tale of why we sent him there. By the year 2020, we’ll be there too. What isn’t the scientific world telling us? World’s away yet closer than you know.

The Last Man on Earth – by JosephD
(Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi) PG-13
Neal is the last man on earth. Camilia is the last woman. Too bad they hate each other’s guts. Does Humailty have a chance?