Me and Pedro did some friggin’ sweet
jumps off this ramp we built
in front of his house
the other day after school.
When I got home, Kip showed me his cage-fighting skills.
He’s got like the worst reflexes ever, gosh, IDIOT!

Deb probably thinks I’m an idiot.
Because of stupid Kip, dang! She did give me one of her boondoggle keychains, SWEET!
I should probably use my secret ninja skills
and catch her a delicious bass with a spear I built
last summer during school
break. I made it in Alaska at my cousins’ house.

When I got to my house
today, Uncle Rico was acting like a flippin’ IDIOT!
I came home from school
to find a friggin’ sweet
time machine I thought Kip built.
It turned out it was just a decroded piece of crap with crotch-electrocuting skills.

My stupid Uncle Rico is jealous of all my skills
and won’t leave our house.
He’s been eating all our steak and built
up a big pile of crap he’s trying to sell to idiots
like my former woman Trisha’s mom. I drew her a friggin’ sweet
portrait. It’s the best work I’ve ever done, except Pedro’s posters at school.

Oh and about school,
there’s a butt-load of gangs that want me and Pedro for our skills;
bowstaff skills, numchuck skills, computer-hacking skills, plus Pedro has a sweet
mustache and hooks up with lots of chicks. We went to Summer Wheatley’s house,
and ran off like a couple of idiots,
but you should have seen the cake Pedro built.

I wish I could have just built
Deb a cake, but during Pedro’s skit at school
I made Summer’s gang look like the idiots
they really are. I pulled out my “D-Qwon’s dance groove” skills
I had been practicing at my house.
I just danced to the tape LaFawnduh gave me, which was pretty friggin’ sweet!

Scientists built Grandma a new coccyx while Kip and LaFawnduh learned new marital skills.
Pedro is now president of the school and Uncle Rico finally left the house.
Despite Uncle Rico acting like an IDIOT, things between me and Deb turned out friggin’ SWEET!