Orange + Peppermint + Chocolate = Waking up on a stranger’s floor the night after weird party for friend’s roommate and sneaking a shot of Peppermint liqueur into your orange juice at breakfast with them, because this is the most uncomfortable you’ve ever been. You order chocolate cake because eggs and bacon would make you vomit.

Watermelon + Bubblegum = The painful embarrassment and isolation of being held back a grade and made to attend summer school at age thirteen.

Coconut + Cherry = You’ve fallen asleep in your car after a day at the beach topped off by a night at a beach party. Your tanning lotion is starting to make your skin itch, and you absentmindedly applied cherry-flavored ChapStick to your lips most of the evening, because you were nervous about seeing her.

Green Apple + Cinnamon = That split second right before you crash a motorcycle or get caught shoplifting.

Grape + Passion Fruit = Her grandmother is charming, pouring us those drinks of champagne and cassis, and telling us tales of arriving in New York and loving it so much she vowed to never leave. After her grandmother goes home in a chauffeured Towne Car, we jump on each other like hungry animals, also vowing to never leave this town.

Root beer + Vanilla = I don’t know… a root beer float, I guess. God, we really are like hungry animals that way.