“When asked by a reporter what grade he would give himself, the president said ‘10’ on a scale of one to 10. He dodged a related question about whether the ‘buck stops’ with him, and said it ‘normally’ would, but this pandemic is ‘unprecedented.’” — Business Insider 3/16/20

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Coronavirus is here, and the Lamestream Media has found its next big “scandal.” And just like with the Impeachment Scam and the Mueller Hoax, they don’t care who they hurt in their scramble to take down our Democratically Elected President. But no matter how much the Radical Left whines that Donald Trump has been tardy, ineffective, criminally negligent, and shockingly callous in addressing this national emergency, history will show that no president has ever responded so quickly, so boldly, and so comprehensively in the face of this magnitude of criticism.

Just go back to January. When the Do-Nothing Democrats were busy criticizing Trump over his political corruption in their Fake Impeachment trial, our President was already tackling the Coronavirus criticism, artificially repressing infection numbers at a time when most of America hadn’t even realized the virus had breached our shores. Then, when reports of confirmed cases in the US emerged, Trump sprung into action, immediately declaring the whole thing a hoax invented by the media and Democrats to destroy him. I submit that no other president in history could have so quickly and boldly lied about a situation he not only knew had been threatening our country for weeks but was actually far, far worse than was being reported. That decisiveness paid dividends when the stock market crashed, allowing Trump to save the situation by seamlessly blaming the hysterical Liberal Media for that too. Would Obama have been agile enough to handle criticism that was changing hour-by-hour? Don’t think so, buddy.

And what about when it became obvious that we critically needed mass quantities of medical supplies? None other than Donald John Trump pulled one million test kits right out of thin air. Is it his fault those tests were totally imaginary? Or that our medical system couldn’t make good on his promise that “anyone who needed a test could get one” because he fired the team in charge of coordinating that effort? Not anymore. That’s the power of a rapid response to being held accountable.

But it’s not just about Trump’s reaction to criticism; it’s also about his foresight. Two whole years ago, Trump was cutting CDC funding by 80%, all but guaranteeing that if a health crisis struck they’d be unable to respond effectively and he’d have a ready-made scapegoat. It’s this unprecedented ability to obstruct someone from doing their job, and then use that failure against them for his own glory that makes our president the extraordinary leader he is. He’s even refused test kits offered by the WHO, presumably to head off the potential future criticism that he had to accept outside help because he was unprepared to deal with Coronavirus on his own. That’s 4-D chess.

By the way, in 2009, when we faced H1N1, how long did it take Barack Obama to obfuscate and shift blame to his predecessor? I believe we’re still waiting, Mr. Obama. But President Donald J. Trump isn’t one to let a little obstacle like his own policies get in the way of pointing the finger. Within days, President Trump was hard at work blaming an administration three years removed for failing to stop him from undoing their achievements. Because when our country is threatened, only Donald Trump will do everything he can to make sure we all know that it’s not his fault.

Will the Loony Left even deign to give President Trump credit for his unifying presence in these times of uncertainty? As I write this very piece, Our President is working hard to rebrand Coronavirus as “The Chinese Virus,” bravely uniting our great nation’s fractured bigots at a time when he needs us all united against anyone other than him more than ever. And what about the way he called for an end to the finger-pointing so that everyone would stop pointing their fingers at him? Yet one more piece of evidence that proves this crisis, and specifically the way the public views his actions in relation to it, is the president’s top priority.

So don’t listen to the Trump-Deranged Liberal crybabies. By rapidly and aggressively responding to every instance of criticism or potential criticism, even above handling the outbreak itself, Trump has proved his utmost dedication to this nation’s perception of him. In times like these, only a man like President Donald J. Trump could stand at the helm of our frightened nation and so proudly and bravely proclaim, “I take no responsibility at all.” I certainly don’t remember Barack Obama showing that kind of leadership. Not even once.