Hello, Josh!

We really enjoyed your first draft of the United States One Dollar Bill! Everyone around the office was mostly THRILLED with your ideas. We especially loved the color. GREEN! Who knew!?

As expected, we have some notes for the final draft. They are as follows:

Front (Washington Side)

- We love love LOVE your decision to put George Washington on here! First president, number one, so clever! However, some of us weren’t sure who that picture was (someone said there thought it was Adams, LOL!!), so we would like to see a draft with the word WASHINGTON on it. How about on a banner to really make it pop? Maybe make his name teeny tiny small, so it doesn’t take up too much space?

- We’re gonna need a bunch more 1’s on this thing, Jerry. Is it overkill to put one on every corner? Maybe a few more in the middle?

- For the 1’s on the top two corners, we can’t decide between your floral shield design or the circle-ly leaf thing you made. They’re both SO GOOD!! Let’s try a draft with both!!?

- We’d like the 1’s on the bottom to be a slightly smaller font size than the 1’s on top. We think this will draw the eye more. Thoughts?

- You’re gonna kill me for this one, Jimbo, but half of us feel strongly that an owl should be on the one-dollar bill; the other half hates the owl. I know I’m being a P.I.T.A, but can you make the owl really small and hide it near the “1” on the top right, just to appease both sides? If it’s so small that many people could look at it every day for their entire lives and not notice it until someone points it out to them — that’s FINE!

- For the background, instead of a solid color, how about something spooky… maybe a spider web? We think that might play in more with the leafy garden motif you’re running with!

- Also, the treasurer AND the secretary want their names to appear on the front but can’t be close together (don’t ask; it’s a “thing”). Can you put them on separate sides?

Backside (Eagle/Pyramid)

- We LOVE your “Great Seal” designs! Our favorite two are the pyramid and the eagle, but we still haven’t agreed on which we like more yet (blech! Another “thing”). Can we do both? For now, let’s try the eagle on one side and the pyramid on the other.

- If we’re separating them, can you make it say THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES underneath each of them? But not all of it? I don’t know how to describe it… like split it up? I’m sure you get it, Jeff.

- I think the pyramid looks cool as is, but someone here suggested maybe we make it pop a bit more. How about an eyeball on it? Near the top? Maybe even floating above? So it’s like part of the pyramid but also separate? Am I explaining this well?

- We want some words on the base of the pyramid. For now, just put a bunch of letters to let us see what that looks like and we’ll revisit.

- Your eagle looks sad! Can you make it busy? What would it look like if we fill the hands (claws? Do eagles have “hands”? LOL!) with some stuff. Coins or leaves or arrows or something… IDK! You decide! We trust you!

- The eagle should also be holding a scroll with some words on it in its nose (beak? I don’t know much about eagles!). We just want the eagle to look like it’s doing something and not just lying there.

- We would like a starburst above the eagles head to draw attention to the fact that the eagle is there.

- Everyone agrees we need some God stuff on there. Someone suggestions from around the office we like:


Personally, I think we’re overthinking it… but can you try one of those? Just make it small to save room for an even bigger “1” in the same spot?

- If we do the spider-webby background on the front, it should look more spider webby on this side. I don’t know how else to describe that to you, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Thanks so much for all your work so far, Jeremy! Give us a week or two and we’ll be ready to talk about the $2-, $3-, and $4-dollar bills next!