Alone I sit and worry in the dark
But then remember I have something cool;
A little wafer with a velvet crunch
With flavor of the lovely homegrown mint.
Alas! Refrigerator’s out of milk —
How can I cope with cookie ever rich?

Although I am not quite so very rich
As to afford refreshment in the dark,
I always need the freshest lovely milk
To slake my thirst and proffer something cool.
If chocolate goes best with vibrant mint,
Then I will want to add a hearty crunch.

Oh yes! ‘Tis best to add resounding crunch
To snacks and treats that border on the rich,
And since the scouting girls all dote on mint,
I’ll search and search through hourly shadows dark
For what I seek — important and so cool
That tall and icy glass of wholesome milk.

So off I go in quest of jug of milk
In order to endure the cookie crunch
Of such a wondrous thing so ever cool
And deeply dusky and so brownly rich.
I drive through lonely streets cloaked in the dark
To find perfection for my waiting mint.

At times I wish I had a money mint
(I dream as I continue quest for milk);
Financial gain to me is wholly dark
(I muse as wheels go o’er gravelly crunch).
My lot is not to be obscenely rich —
I do not need much moolah to be cool.

Arriving at a quickie mart so cool,
I pass the rows with other cheaper mint,
My mind with only one thought e’er so rich —
I gravitate to freezer case and milk
To mellow the effects of noisy crunch
And lovely chocolate so deep and dark.

Triumphant now with cool and frothy milk,
I revel in my long-sought mint and crunch
And eat my dear, sweet cookie rich and dark.