Thumbs up.

Anonymous reviewer, 07-09-02
This is for people who, like me, like easy stuff. I got 166. Must-try game.

Sharkey, 07-09-02
In the real-life game of bowling, there’s always one pin that stands apart from the rest — the one that refuses to fall!

Steve 07-09-02
My kids would rather stay at home to play this than go to Megabowl. Suits me.

Anonymous reviewer, 07-08-02
While Shockwave Bowling is a great way to practice my skills on my low budget, it doesn’t give you the actual feel of bowling with a sixteen-pound ball.

Anonymous reviewer, 07-08-02
This game is so addictive that I nearly lost my job

- - -

Thumbs Down.

Jeannie, 07-08-02
I have played another bowling game that was more predictible. This game doesn’t allow you to control the speed or direction.

Anonymous reviewer, 07-06-02

Anonymous reviewer, 07-05-02
What? How can you call this realistic, this is barely anything like real bowling

Nigel 187, 07-04-02
Save your time, you won’t get on the High Score List, “SOME PEOPLE” have found a way to cheat!!!

Lynn, 07-05-02
This is such a stupid game!! How could someone come up with such a stupid game??? Answer me that!!!

- - -

Mixed Review.

George, 07-05-02
Pretty fun, but I wouldn’t be losing any sleep over it, or missing any TV!!! Still, I think that they should give you a trophy or something, if you get a good score.