Fahrenheit 305

Guy Montag, a Miami-Dade School Board member endorsed by Ron DeSantis, is in charge of rounding up books deemed too dangerous for Floridians to read, such as The Diary of Anne Frank, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and anything by a Latino author. He begins questioning his role when a chance encounter with Miami’s preeminent intellectual, a wordsmith known only by his moniker, Pitbull, opens his worldview “worldwide.”


All of the misinformation and doublespeak of 1984, but the sophisticated, omnipresent technological surveillance apparatus, rather than being used to police you, is mainly used to sell you Cheech and Chong CBD gummies.

The (Evacuation) Road

A father and son wander in search of shelter after a devastating wildfire destroys their home in Hawaii/Canada/Greece/Spain/Italy/Chile/ Kazakhstan.

Brave Current World

In this terrifying dystopia, society has been carefully engineered into a rigid, genetics-based caste system through a process known as “redlining.” Citizens are kept under control not through brutal autocratic rule, but by their constant consumption of soothing, happiness-inducing sedatives such as dog reuniting videos and Real Housewives shows.

Contagion (2023)

Similar to Contagion (2011), except that the conspiracy theorists peddling fake cures never get arrested. Also, despite quickly developing low-cost disease prevention methods, by year three, everyone has collectively decided they’re too much of a hassle, so the virus continues to kill and disable millions for the foreseeable future.

The (Job) Terminator

Rather than wipe out humanity with advanced weaponry and time-traveling super soldiers, artificial intelligence realizes it’s much more expedient to steal everyone’s jobs and let the resulting social unrest eventually spiral into a global civil war.

The (Personnel) Purge

All (financial) crime is legal because the IRS and SEC have been understaffed for decades.

The Minority Report

Former police chief John Anderton’s Tesla spontaneously shuts itself off while he’s driving, not because the government has the ability to remotely shut off his car (although they probably do), but because his Tesla decided to do a software update in the middle of what was supposed to be a relaxing post-retirement road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Idiocracy (2023)

The same plot as Idiocracy (2006), except instead of taking five hundred years for the US to devolve into an anti-intellectual society driven by pseudoscience and spectacle, it only takes ten.

The Children of Men

The global birth rate craters not because of environmental pollution but because no one on Earth can afford to have a kid anymore.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

The fact that even the most hellish worlds portrayed throughout fiction pale in comparison to the brutality and horror of the Israel-Palestine conflict is further proof that we are already living in a dystopia.