Baby Transport Reviews, Please!

I have a newborn and am deciding between a DeLorean Triumphant Upper G-Spot stroller (which looks amazing!) and a used Subaru Forrester Light SUV. The DeLorean has a super big sunshade, which I love, and the whole stroller packs down to the size of a Raisinet, which would be awesome for travel. The Subaru, however, has tinted windows and an engine. Plus I’d also be able to fit my 18-month-old into the Subaru, which would probably be more comfortable than installing the ride-along board on the DeLorean, right? Prices for each are about the same — so I’d love to hear about your experiences with both! TIA!

Last Minute Sitter in the Mountains?

We’re headed to Tahoe and are looking for someone to babysit and do our 2015 taxes this weekend. Must be currently certified in CPR and as a CPA. Our littles are 6 months and 2 years and will be filing Schedule C’s as independent contractors. We leave shortly, need care this afternoon and prefer to itemize rather than take the standard deduction. Please contact me with any leads ASAP — thanks!

Colic Advice!!

We’re sleep-deprived and at our wits end! Our baby cries from 7 AM to 8 PM and only stops for Dateline, but just on the nights Lester Holt wears a vest. We’ve tried the 4 S’s, as well as the 3 W’s, the 2 A’s and the 3 XXX’s. Neither the Magic Stay-Puft Marshmallow Sleep Suit or the ZipadeeWhoDat worked for us. I’m wondering if any moms have had good experiences with probiotics, essential oils, or Voodoo practitioners. Help!

Nanny Share Situation Needed

We’re looking to join a nanny share and need care on every other Tuesday from 9-11 AM, and 2-4 PM on the second and fourth Thursday of even numbered months, as well as all-day care on Arbor Day, Shrove Tuesday, most Canadian holidays, plus the occasional date night (but not more than 4 weekends/month, we promise!). We have sweet a 37.5-month-old son and we’d love to find someone of similar age and schedule to join with. We’re open to hosting on two Tuesdays per year!

Awesome Baby Carrier For Sale

I have a WingSling Brat Pack 720 for sale. This carrier holds baby’s legs in the PPP Orthopedic recommended position (which is behind their heads) and helps prevent canine hip dysplasia. Comes with a telescoping selfie stick. The straps adjust so that you can breastfeed AND hold a banjo neck while carrying baby, which saved my life I can’t even tell you how many times! Served us well through 6 years and 3 kiddos. Retails for $399, asking $400 firm.

Sleep Training
(No Judgment Please!)

My husband and I are divided on methods — he’s a fan of Ferber’s Cry It Out, but I think that’s a little harsh. We considered Pantley’s No Cry Sleep Solution, but the one that resonates with me most is Roosevelt’s New Deal, which I think will leave fewer psychological and economic scars. Currently we co-sleep, which has worked out well for our family, but our LO is 13 years old and we feel it’s probably time for a big boy bed. Thoughts?

VENT: MIL Issues

I really identify with the French parenting style but my partner’s mother thinks that the Chinese “Tiger Mom” approach is the way to go. She’s of Germanic descent with heavy East-Asian influences, and her approach to parenting (as well as decorating) has always differed from mine. I prefer Danish Modern (and she KNOWS that), so today when I showed her my nursery decor Pinterest board and she trashed the teak, it was really the last straw! She watches the baby for me 6 days/week, though, so I feel like I can’t say anything. Anyone else relate?

Looking for an Amazing Au Pair

We have a 3-month-old daughter and are looking for someone from Argentina, Austria, or the Isle of Man (if you know what we mean) to share our home. Must be bilingual and sensitive to cultural appropriation, but not opposed to Taco Tuesdays. Must be willing to take trips to the museum, library and pool, as well as to pre-chew our baby’s food. Must not wear white after Labor Day. Our approach to education skews toward a blend of Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilio/Parmigiano Reggiano methods. We’d prefer a PhD candidate. Please PM me with résumé, work history, references, and a brief description of your dissertation. Looking forward to meeting you!