Aspires To Upper Management
Bleaches Teeth
Borrows With No Intention Of Returning
Brainstorms Alone
Buys Plants For Companionship
Calls Up Talk Of The Nation
Collects Old Pens
Comments On How Wonderful Bread Is
Considers Skydiving As Possible Hobby
Considers Soup Selects Salad
Draws On Feet
Draws On Vast Experience As Proven Team Player
Eats Fruit Far Too Seldom
Eats Own Words
Estimates Shipping Costs
Examines Skin For Moles
Extends Lines Of Credit
Fantasizes About Climbing Buildings
Fixes Paper Jams
Forgets To Take Meds
Fritters Away Savings
Gets Rich Quick Again
Insists Pizza And Beer’s On Me
Invents New Persona
Jokes About Misfortune Of Others
Lacks Management Skills Necessary For Advancement
Listens To Gut
Locks Door, Unlocks Door, Locks Door, Unlocks Door, Locks Door Before Leaving
Longs For Day When Hair Was Shiny
Looks For Love In Wrong Places
Loses Games Of Chance And Takes It Personally
Lurks Near Restroom
Manages Multiple Tasks With No Problem
Moisturizes With Lotion
Pays Bills On-Time
Practices Good Posture
Proffers Swiss Army Knife When Inappropriate
Prunes Roses
Raises Voice In Anger Then Gets Sheepish
Reconsiders Skydiving As Possible Hobby
Recycles Same Joke With Different Friends
Rehearses Before Mirror
Says What You Want To Hear
Sculpts Eyebrows
Searches Flea Market For Treasure
Sends Mixed Signals
Sits On Board Of Directors
Stands By What’s His Name
Subscribes To Sunday Times Home Delivery
Switches Therapists Before Breakthrough
Takes Care Of Payroll
Talks To Animals
Teases Squirrels
Thinks Of Self As Buddhist
Urinates In Shower
Uses PowerPoint
Views Life As Eternal Struggle Between Forces Of Good And Evil
Wants To Hang Out
Waters Lawn
Wears Belt And Suspenders
Wears Matching Bra And Panties
Wonders About The Future, i.e. What It Will Be Like
Works On Abs
Worries About NASDAQ
Wrestles Weakly With Conscience
Writes Prose Poems To Baby Daughter
Xeroxes For Boss
Yaks On Phone All Day
Zigs When He Should Zag