Rattus Rangers (25-plus rats’ asses given)

Jerry Lemon
Manuel Scruggs
The David and Anita Spaulding Foundation

Buttock Benefactors (20-plus rats’ asses given)

Anonymous (2)
Marvin Koenig
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rinehart
Fred Tutt
Robert Woolridge

Vermin Vanguard (15-plus rats’ asses given)

Carrie Abernethy
Nuts ‘N’ Bolts Hardware
Brittany McGinty
Annette Tillis

Derrière Donors (10-plus rats’ asses given)

Jeremy Barefoot
Sheila Denny
E. Leon Kier
Alvaro Lutjen
Manuel Caine Scruggs
Robyn Proffitt
Shawn Weddle
Xiqin Zhu

Mice and Men (5-plus rats’ asses given)

Anonymous (1)
Keith Barahona
Joanna Humphries
Todd Hammers
Park Place Pizza
Leah Owensby