Look, it is a cat.
Look, Jane.
See the cat.
The cat is not vaccinated.
Can you see, Jane?

See, see, see, Jane.
Look and see!
Do not pet the cat, Jane.

The cat acts funny.
Funny cat!
Funny cat acts too funny?
Run away from the cat, Jane!
Run, Jane, run!

- - -

Look who it is, Jane.
It is the neighbors.
The neighbors do not vaccinate.
They say it causes autism.

It does not.
Science says that it does not, not, not.
The neighbors will not believe it.
No matter how many times Mother tells them.

Mother drinks wine.
See Mother drink wine, Jane!
See Mother drink so much wine.
So much wine, wine, wine!

- - -

Mother works part time.
Look at Mother work part time!
Look, full time child care costs a lot.
Look and see!
It costs a lot, lot, lot.

At work Mother pumps breast milk for Baby.
Look, Jane.
See her male coworker.
See his eyes roll up, up, up!

- - -

Funny Father got a new job.
What is it?
It is in music.
He quit for it.

He quit his old job.
His old job had benefits!
This is sad for Mother.
We may not have healthcare soon.

Who will have it?
Who will, will, will?
Your Senators will have it, Jane.
See, they will.

- - -

Dick pets the cat.
Dick is the neighbor’s child.
Look, Jane.
Look and see it is Dick.

Dick has measles, and also what the cat has.
Look, Jane.
Look and see, but do not touch Dick.

Dammit. This is not what Mother meant to say.
Mother is so tired.
Where is Father?
He was supposed to be home three hours ago.
Where is Father, Jane?
Can you see him?

Can you see, see, see?
Can you see him up?
Can you see him down?
Can you see him doing dishes, like, ever?

Stay away from Dick, Jane.
You will see what Mother means later.
Look and see.