What is it, sweetheart? Another nightmare? Oh no! Was it about that silly old Death Star again? I know, honey. It does look scary hanging up there.

Because the Emperor said so.

Because he’s in charge. Oh, about 30 years now, ever since Daddy was little just like you! Well, no, he didn’t win an election exactly. He just took power legally somehow, so we have to respect the process. Listen, it’s actually pretty boring and, honestly, I don’t totally understand it myself.

Because intergalactic trade law takes a lot of work, and Daddy can’t pay attention to every little thing that happens in government.

No, I don’t like the Emperor either. Yes, he is scary and gross. Old rancor face, ha ha!

So you know about Princess Leia, huh? She’s okay, I guess. Though she’s part of the royal establishment, so who’s to say she’d be any better than the Emperor? Plus there are rumors that she pals around with pirates and has a weird relationship with her brother. Some people call her Loopy Leia! Maybe because of the hair. It’s all dumb grown-up stuff. Yes, pirates can be pretty cool.

No, I think Leia was against the Death Star. She said it was expensive and unrealistic, which is true, but I guess people weren’t convinced. Yes, Daddy had to pay more in taxes, but you don’t have to worry about that until you’re older.

Me? Oh, lots. When they started building the Death Star, I sent a very strong letter to our planetary governor. It was a form letter I found on the uni-net, and I signed my name to the bottom of it, so that they would know that I thought the Death Star was a very bad idea. Plus my friends and I shared silly pictures of the Emperor, all of which are now illegal. So yeah you could say I was a bit of a rebel.

That’s all over now.

It’s hard to understand, but this is just the way government works. We had the Jedi in power for a thousand years (or was it a thousand generations?), and now the Emperor is in power, and maybe later it will be the Jedi again. It’s good to have balance.

Because no one is right all the time, even if they seem cool and smart and have a neat robe. That’s right, the Emperor has a robe too! See, everyone’s got robes and opinions about Death Stars. That’s just politics. It’s not the end of the world.

Sure, I’ll buy you a robe tomorrow.

The Force?! Oh no, honey, we don’t really believe in that. Are you talking to that crusty old hermit again? Well, okay, I guess if you think a prayer will help you sleep.

How about… May the Force protect you, and me, and Mommy, and all the other people of Alderaan.

Feel better? Good. Of course you can sleep here tonight. I know, it’s annoying with the Death Star glowing like that.