Would you ever leave a little pebble in your shoe that is irritating you while you walk around all day?

You’re the best person to tell me where the problem is. But are you really the best person to tell me WHAT the problem is?

If I stain my shirt, and then I have a professional cleaner take the stain out, would that stain ever just suddenly come back?

If I have the nicest car in the world, let’s say a Jaguar… and this Jaguar will never start, would it do me any good to spend thousands of dollars on new leather upholstery in the car? Is that going to make matters any better?

If I give you a hat to wear when you’re ten years old and it fits perfectly, and maybe it’s got the name of your favorite ball team on there, and you love the color of it… could I expect to find you wearing that very same hat twenty-two years later?