I: The Suwannee Gold

Florida Man Steals Gold from Skinny-Dipping Sisters After Being Told to Drown Himself

Florida Man Attempts to Pay for Construction with His Own Daughter Despite Being Wealthy Lawmaker

Florida Man Kidnapped After Bizarre “Shapeshifting Contest” Gets Violent

Florida Man Robbed in a Remote Cave by Two Men with a God Complex

Florida Man Murders Brother in Dispute Over “Magic” Ring While a Crowd of Onlookers Looks On

II: That Badass Blonde Chick

Florida Man Accidentally Sleeps in House of Man Hunting Him for Hire

Florida Man Duels to the Death After Being Caught Having an Affair with His Own Sister

Florida Woman Ordered to Kill Her Half Brother in an Attempt to Save Their Father’s Marriage

Florida Woman in Coma After Horseback Chase Through the Mountains

Florida Man Turns to Arson in Scheme to Protect His Daughter’s Virginity

III: Ziggy

Florida Man Claims to Be Both Mother and Father to Adopted Son

Florida Man Sets Live Bear Loose in House to Get Revenge on Abusive Stepfather

Florida Man Splits Anvil in Half with Sword

Florida Man Emerges from Swamp Covered in Blood Claiming That Killing a Dragon Gave Him the Ability to Speak with Birds

Florida Man Pulls Comatose Woman from Fire and Marries Her the Same Day

IV: The Twilight of the Gators

Florida Man Uses Drugs to Trade Sister for Another Man’s Wife

Florida Woman Enraged When Husband Says Their Marriage Never Happened

Florida Man Claims Boar Stabbed His Hunting Partner Through the Back with a Spear

Florida Man SHOCKED When Corpse’s Arm Moves to Stop Ring from Being Stolen

Florida Sisters Regain Stolen Gold in the Nude After Bombastic Murder, Suicide, and Horse Burning at Funeral Gone Wrong Followed by Flood and Drowning of Local Businessman, Which Somehow Resulted in a One-Eyed Man Burning Down His Remote Mountain Estate