The following notice was found attached to a refrigeration unit outside an MIT chemistry laboratory. It appears below unaltered.

- - -


I: One box in the -20 freezer:
[all of the samples are dried down]

**MIB purified, aka peak 2 [see HPLC trace / MS data]
(several eppendorfs, sample vials)
Sequence: Lys(biotin)-Tyr-His-Amb-Leu-Thr-Val-Thr-Nph-NH2

- crude MIB — cleaved off resin, not run on HPLC (several epps)

- oxidized MIB, aka peak 1 [see HPLC trace / MS data] (sample vial)
—> can probably be recovered to MIB by reducing biotin sulfur.

- MI peptide — control, non-biotinylated peptide (eppendorf)
Sequence: Lys(acetyl)-Tyr-His-Amb-Leu-Thr-Val-Thr-Nph-NH2

- VT inhibitor in DMSO (100 µM)

Two ON RESIN samples:

1) Boc-Lys(Fmoc)-Tyr(tBut)-His(tBut)-Amb(Boc)-Leu-Thr(tBut)-Val-Thr(tBut)-Nph-NH2
- complete peptide sequence, but not biotinylated
- can be used to introduce other labels, not biotin

2) Fmoc-His(tBut)-Amb(Boc)-Leu-Thr(tBut)-Val-Thr(tBut)-Nph-NH2
- before manual synthesis step (7/9/98)
- NOTE: before addition of tyrosine residue (which was supposed to increase the efficiency of cross-linking to aromatic residue)
- can be used to make MIB without tyrosine.