“O’Henderson, nice surveillance work. The report you put together was incredible. Friends, associates, even his favorite movies and bands. We’re a lot closer to finding that bastard Santiago now.”

“It’s what I do, Lieutenant.”

“How’d you get all this information? Wiretaps? Hacking into the cartel’s database?”

“No, sir. He’s on Friendster.”

Tracing the Call

“Keep Santiago on the line for a little while longer—I need to scroll down farther in my address book.”

“You know, O’Henderson, you can punch in the first letter of their name and it goes a lot faster.”

“I need to concentrate here! Wait a second! I think I’m getting a text message!”

Defusing the Bomb

“There’s no time to evacuate the orphans. Quick, O’Henderson, which wire do we cut?”

“Have you tried unplugging the bomb?”

“We did that, and it didn’t help. The timer is still counting down!”

“Step back. I’m going to pull out the detonator, blow on it, and then put it back into the bomb.”

“Are you positive, O’Henderson? We’re talking about the lives of 1,500 Belorussian orphans here.”

“Hmm. What if we defragged?”

The Love Scene

“Guys, I fixed the walkie-talkies. Santiago didn’t sabotage them. It turns out one of the batteries was in backwa—oh! I’ll leave you two alone.”

The Car-Chase Aftermath

“We got him! I can’t believe we got to the bridge in time! That was some damn fine navigation, O’Henderson. Thanks for saving our asses back there.”

“Don’t thank me, Lieutenant. Thank”