“Looking through the Funhouse Mirror: Women and Food.”

“Sheepish Shepherd, Courageous Coward, Tolerant Intolerance: George Whitefield as the Author of his Own Identity.”

“We Don’t Need No Education, We Don’t Need No Thought Control: West Point Education vs. Mexican War Experience in the Strategies of Civil War Military Leaders.”

“Stories Referencing Clones and Other Stories.”

“More Lovely Each Year: Sororities and the Ideal of Perfect Womanhood at Ohio University.”

“Making Magic Real: The Marvelously Uncanny Rhetoric of Harry Potter.”

“‘Tag’ You’re It: Mentoring Relationships within the Graffitti Culture.”

“Textual Scars and Lived Borders: Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory and The Farming of Bones.”

“Poststructuralist Feminism and Willa Cather’s Discursive Prairie.”

“Summoning Cuchulain: The Inspirations and Effects of Padraic Pearse’s Cult of Republican Mythology.”

“Always in Humor, but also in Worry: A Lyotardian Approach to Economic Justice, the Courts, and the Welfare State.”

“Copycats and Deputy Dawgs: How Napster and Reverse Engineering Have Affected the Ownership of Expression.”

“Pop Music: Surviving the Jungle”

“What Your Voice and Body Say about You.”