It just pisses me off that people say, as if it’s the most appropriate or true thing, “I can never hope to comprehend the evils of the Holocaust.”

When does decontextualization cease to be a benefit to our mental health and start to be the doom of our civilization, and why?

Yeah, give me that.

This administrative diffidence towards the existing curriculum makes students who chose IU over other colleges look too stupid for our collective good.

Any recorded deception is an imperfect deception.

If our world population were a stable one billion, would we transform into a happy land?

Confusion seems to arise from ambiguous words: “experience,” “arrangement,” “quality.”

It is that mysterious, numinous “sacred” quality about Giza that has made this project fun.

Munsey’s Magazine rakes no less muck than its late 19th century middlebrow-wowing brother periodicals.

But he does so by giving a speech that is more groan than argument.

Maybe Augustine’s is a long and consequential wooden rule after all.

Furthermore, in a Machiavellian system, who defines the word “good”?

Es una paradoja de la costumbre de comer en restaurantes en los estados unidos.

Internet technology does not cut the Gordian Knot of art’s dependence on commerce.

As Virgil says, “you have the innate faculty of reason, / which should defend the threshold of consent” (Purgatorio XVIII:62-63).

What would Dickens say?

Marr’s proposal has the built-in tendency to take for granted that the human mind is a more complex mind than the “light loving” vehicle mind.

To a contemporary American English speaker, “No thank you, but thank you” is a way of communicating the idea once communicated by “No thank you.”

I wish there were a better way to break the frame.

If four people consent to a polygamous relationship, why does our class support American law in its decision to suppress the choice of those individuals?

I wonder what Rousseau did to cope with his revelation.

I wonder sometimes if he played down the cheek slapping incident in order to make me feel less apprehensive and worried, but I bet he just plain forgot.

I cannot say I should.

To gain the supreme victory, it is necessary, for one thing, that by and through their natural differentiation men and women unequivocally affirm their sisterhood.

I guess it makes me an American.

The Chorus is the closest Medea gets to a model for moral behavior, and the end of the play seals the amorality of the play as we see a frustration of that quasi-model.

Several of today’s stone sculptors are perhaps more experimental with the media they use for their sculptures; some enjoy the limitations of the material that they select.

(I wonder if she cares.)

Such evolution only leads to the sarcastic, sad humor an American will observe as his Brazilian friend unwittingly proclaims Uncle Ben the guru of authentic Brazilian cuisine.

Setting small, practical goals keeps the children writing, and it keeps us from worrying, before the road has even unfolded itself before us, about which turns we ought to make.

“School” wouldn’t break even if we tried to break it.

In the hopefully unkillable words of Joyce — who wrote that he spent 1,000 hours writing this chapter — “The oxen of the bloody bleeding sun are finished” (Ellmann, James Joyce, 476).

His system is insidious.

The point, custom-fashioned for you who will first have to come up with the concept “ask” in order to hear this: Sometimes you blur into my possibility and sometimes you almost touch me.

It is once again Gawain’s “boosted” version of self-deprecation — his over-wrought apology — that transforms the garter from an object of sin into an artifactual testament of his purity and God’s grace.

I bet Dave Barry has met the president.

Hell is no place for love or pity, and just as Paolo and Francesca cannot “conquer Hell” by “getting” to be at each other’s side forever, neither will the reader nor the pilgrim conquer hell who believes that God can be argued with.

By the 1960’s, though, the strictness of the primer had had its day, and Dr. Seuss was perhaps “in the right place at the right time” when he bettered children’s educational literature by brilliantly mixing absurd fun with social concern.

Even if it is possible that TiO2 substitutes in for SiO2 in the baked quartz sample, there is no good explanation for why TiO2 is “hidden” from the x-ray in the baked sample when rutile is apparently so abundant and highly diffractive in the raw sample.

Each religious location “gets you where it wants you,” so to speak.

But only after they’ve found out what the heck “Providence” is.

The meandering thoughts and walk of our hero Kinch, “the knifeblade,” as Mulligan has christened him (Ulysses 1:55), indeed make reading “Proteus” and attempting to figure out all the intricacies of the subject matter a bit like attempting to cut the sea with a knife.

His presence speaks more loudly than his label.

I cannot in good American faith say that college should eliminate the kind of education that “bangs facts into your head,” because some people will always want it that way and like it that way from a four year institution with a stigma-free name that looks good on all sorts of official documentation.

In this paper I have striven to create a Utopian environment — a space in which readers of all ideologies are accommodated — such that I can impress upon your mind this single important question: How can I effectively “testify” to others about the miracle in my life when I know that my pre-accident self never would have bought the story?

I daresay that if Holocaust art does not find a way to transcend its cliches: the black & white color palette; the self-conscious roughness (best exemplified by the distressed typewriter fonts which advertisers of Holocaust art exhibits employ with mechanical regularity), the genre will lose much of its representational and memorial quality; its noticeable prescription(s) will inevitably fail to stir viewers; in twenty years, “Holocaust art” might be as embarrassing as bell-bottom trousers in 1987.

Perhaps it is Butler who comes away with the last laugh.

God knows there is a lot packed into the book of _Genesis+.