I am appalled that Debbie would think so little of the art of poetry that she would plagiarize someone else’s work.

As a graduate student and homeowner, I am appalled that Ms. Brown-Martinez would so misuse the public’s trust and the revenues and reputation of her institution (paid for doubly by myself and others through tuition and taxes) to perpetuate a long-dead misunderstanding.

I was appalled by the condescension implicit in a few remarks directed to Spike Lee by the reviewer regarding the African-American director’s choice to make a film with a predominantly white cast.

When we returned in August from a year of living in Spain, I was appalled to hear that New Mexico is on the verge of executing its first prisoner in 41 years.

As a dog-owner and animal lover, I am appalled at this situation developing in my own city, and I would like to see immediate remedies applied.

I am especially appalled at the grade of “F” that you gave to Diane Denish, State Chair of the Democratic Party.

As a recent emigrant (sic) to your fair city, I am appalled by the dearth of hookers in the downtown area.

I’m also appalled our citizenry would allow such serious misrepresentation without questioning who will reap the profits of maintaining the system’s insanity.

As a Democrat I am appalled at the disingenuous attempt of my party and its leadership to adequately address the issue of welfare.

I was appalled to see the Crossroads Motel listed in Noah Masterson’s article as one of “seven of the least savory motels on Central.”