7/1 Employee injured hand in stapler.

7/2 Employee twisted back lifting box.

7/5 Employee’s feelings hurt by turnout at retirement party.

7/7 Employee cut short.

7/8 Employee rebuffed by crush.

7/8 Employee crushed by buffer.

7/15 Employee partially eaten by shark.

7/21 Employee belittled.

8/1 Employee experiences painful self-consciousness.

8/5 Employee manhandled.

8/16 Employee blinded by the light.

8/17 Employee blinded with science.

8/25 Employee accidentally discovered pirate gold and hi-jinks ensued.

9/4 Employee broke finger.

9/5 Employee broke silence.

9/6 Employee broke code of the Samurai.

9/15 Employee lost hand in waving accident.

9/20 Employee crushed under weight of own responsibilities.