This happened back when I was a Roman gladiator.

Behold the contractile vacuole of the amoeba!

Each of these institutional elements (discussed in more detail below) will function much as musical instruments in a symphony, or perhaps a work of chamber music: acting uniquely and individually as part of a larger dynamic whole.

A stopover in Williston, North Dakota, therefore, may be in order.

My skin fits like a glove.

I prayed to the Lord God Almighty that this war would bring me a man in a uniform — and 250,000 came.

At 48 West 66th Street, on Manhattan’s Upper West, a trendy jazz club shares its name with the first global wireless personal communications network: Iridium.

I am a mere bag of bones, but still there is a heart here within me, beating.

In other words, it gets worse — or better, depending on whether you like this sort of thing or not.

The beheading part stands.

Freed of the blanket, which in the present instance proved to be a fairly minor and unworthy adversary, he pulled his old legs up slightly, rocked a little bit, and twisted mightily, and then he lifted more mightily and finally achieved his goal: he sat.

I believe I can be of service to you, and I hope we can meet soon.