If It Ain’t Death, Don’t Fix It

Jim Knight didn’t think his life as an itinerant vassal couldn’t get any more complicated. But then he’s forced to share his primitive, medieval, hut-like dwelling with the Grim Reaper! But wait! Jim’s a clean freak, while Death harvests the souls of the anguished and transports them to a place of infinite darkness. They’re the original odd couple!

One Girl, Too Crazy

Alma’s got a new job, looking after esteemed (and steamed) actress Elisabet. But will the demands of this grand dame drive Alma to distraction, or will it be revealed that Alma is purely a figment of Elisabet’s psychosis fueled imagination and she is slowly growing more demented while solemnly staring out of a rain-drenched window?

Cries And Whispers (And Todd!)

After the death of their sister, Agnes, Maria and Karin are struggling to make the rent on their enormous 18th Century mansion that is drenched in bitter, unresolved despair. But here comes Todd! He’s the lodger from hell who’s been sent from heaven. Can this klutz with a heart of gold melt the icy hearts of these austere Swedish maidens or will he be trapped forever in a web of their discordant memories?

How I Met Your Greatly Missed Mother

In a single shot, elderly pessimist Anders painstakingly explains the dissolution of his marriage to an unseen audience, who may be the shadows of forgotten children. There is nothing else.

Life’s a Long, Desolate Beach!

Nils and Ingrid discuss the dissolution of their marriage while walking along a vast expanse of sand on a remote island in an unnamed country on the brink of an apocalyptic conflict… with hilarious consequences!

Sven The Bell Goes

Grouchy, angry, stubborn, insulting, hygienically challenged marriage dissolved Professor Sven is hoping for a depressing, troubling retirement but he can’t quit his job until wacky student Gunnar graduates. But Gunnar doesn’t want to leave all his pals at college. Or else he’s merely a dream designed to remind Sven of the pointlessness of his entire existence.

I’m Looking At You, Ingebor

Satan has a plan to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting humanity with a variety of violent, tortuous plagues involving lizards and fire… but he’s really, really shortsighted! Phlegmy baker Ingebor is selected to be the devil’s eyes on Earth, helping the Great Evil to select souls to torment indiscriminately, while struggling as a single dad with a sassy daughter who has a head for trouble.

You Can’t Cod a Codder

Tomas is the local priest for a rural Swedish fishing community who is suffering an ongoing faith-based existential crisis… until he meets a magical talking fish! Unfortunately, the fish merely wants to discuss his fear of an impending nuclear war. Tomas turns to his neglected wife for advice, but a repulsive rash has festooned her entire body, making her virtually impossible to look at without retching.

No, Honestly, This Really is Considered a Comedy

Several couples meet during a magical summer’s evening and battle with desire, flirtation and belief with slightly less horror and despair than usual. Don’t expect belly laughs, but there may be the occasional wry smile; the sort brought about by a Garrison Keillor monologue or a cartoon about dogs in the New Yorker. Running time 328 minutes.