1. Go back and do everything you did one way, the other way.

2. Spend most of your time with your right knee angled over your right ankle, left leg extended behind, and your right index finger planted directly in a line with the inside arch of your left foot. Seldom move.

3. Review messages your parents gave you. Undo the power they have over you. Then have a cocktail. (Repeat daily.)

4. Don’t forget the healing power of exercise. Make a point to think about it at least once a day.

5. Release the need for happiness. Give up trying to control others. Stop having negative thoughts. Give up the habit of resentment. Okay, #5 is a lot.

6. Plan your trips. If you’re going somewhere, map out your route in advance. It will save you stress and make your trip smoother. (This last one is just copied from a driving school manual — but it can increase your happiness.)